Wiki Rules

Classroom Wiki Expectations


Collaboration is a very important part of our society.  Students in this class are expected to work together in order to reach our goals.  In order to accomplish this, there are certain rules that we should keep in mind. 

Be safe: Keep personal information to a minimum.  Don't post things like your age, birthday, address, phone number.  This information should  be kept off the internet.


Be Accurate: The benefit of a wiki is that people can use this as a resource. Your job is to verify any information you add to the wiki. 


Be Respectful: Do not delete or edit any one else's pages. They are working as hard as you are to create a useful product.  You may comment on each other's work as this will be helpful in improving the final product.  Make sure that the comments are useful and respectful.  Be considerate. Keep in mind...comments are good, but questions are better.


This is not a chat room: No waz up?, heeeellooooo, lol, rofl, bff or ttfn.  Use academic language.  This is an educational site and you want to come across as an educated person.


Stealing Locks.  Given the collaborative nature of a wiki we want to establish some "ground rules" concerning Stealing Locks when editing pages. 


Leave a comment to show me that you have read the Wiki rules.