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Period 2 Log

Page history last edited by Alex Mendoza 15 years, 1 month ago

Enter your name in the correct slot keeping all names in alphabetical order (ex. Cox,D).  Enter any journal entries that you add to our class journal by date separated by semicolon (ex. 10.11.08; 12.10.08).  Enter any vocabulary terms you add to the class list by name. (ex. commission, slope).



Name Journal Entries Vocabulary
Baloch, Fareen 2-2-09 Pythagorean Theorem
Buettner, Chris


commission, down payment, mark-up, retail, whole sale, direct variation

Edwards, Jared

12-15-08  interest rates 
Gutierrez, Venesa 2-24-09 direct variation, standard form, no solution, one solution, infinetly many solutions, vertex, edge, face, parallel lines, perendicular lines, skew lines, point slope form

Mendoza, Alejandro

12-16-08  compound interest rates 
Alejandro Mendoza                                                                      

" Index" of the radical, expotential form, constant of variation,    direct variation, inverse of variation




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