GeoGebra Interactive Worksheets

Use Geogebra


Basic Skills

Adding/subtracting integers

Pre Algebra

Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Proof 2 and Extension



Linear Equations 11 worksheets Lesson Plan

Car Race: Slopes and Intercepts

Slopes and Equations

Writing Linear Equations given two points(SIF)

Solve a system of equations

Mixture problem (peanuts & cashews)

Mixture Problems (spreadsheet)

Boat Race: Systems of equations

Graph inequalities

Absolute Value Graph

Fun with Quadratics

Quadratics: Standard form

Quadratics: Vertex form

Falling/Thrown Object




Alternate Interior Angles

Area and Perimeter of similar triangles

Linear Pair-Parallel Lines-non Parallel lines

Triangle Sum, Triangle Sum (student project)

Triangle Inequality

S-S-A Congruence?

One more S-S-A

How to do basic constructions using GeoGebra (mathcast)

Geometric Transformations

Similar Right Triangles

Classify Quadrilaterals

Sin, Cos, Tan